Poultry&PigTecno is TRANSTECNO's gearmotor product line dedicated to farming industry (automatic feeding systems, opening/closing of windows, movement of feeding troughs, etc)

Laying nests for hens - handling

Laying nests for hens are an important application area and one that we know in depth, since we are one of the market’s major suppliers.The purpose of motor drives in this type of system is to remove the animals from it. This can be done in two different ways: raising the floor or moving the walls, so that either way, the hens are forced to leave the nest.

How is this done? The best solution is to use a worm gearmotor with rotary limit switch, from the TOR range.In both cases, the gearmotor meets movement control and torque needs while performing its task in the best way possible. Systems are often different, and their customised functions and needs are also different; we have the specific skills to bring you the perfect solution to your every application need.