Poultry&PigTecno is TRANSTECNO's gearmotor product line dedicated to farming industry (automatic feeding systems, opening/closing of windows, movement of feeding troughs, etc)

Helical parallel gearmotor for cages

Helical parallel gearmotors are ideal for use in poultry cages; the high reduction ratio (from 400 to 900), small sizes and excellent efficiency (over 90%) make them ideal for movement use.

Inside cages, the helical gearmotors are used for different types of movement and handling:

  • Egg lifts
  • Egg collection belts
  • Mobile hoppers
  • Dropping removal belt
  • Flat chain pulling unit

In certain situations, the helical parallel gearmotor can be used to eliminate superfluous chain use, as illustrated below.

Our technical engineers are available to make the calculations needed to define the best gearmotor for each single application.