Poultry&PigTecno is TRANSTECNO's gearmotor product line dedicated to farming industry (automatic feeding systems, opening/closing of windows, movement of feeding troughs, etc)

Movement control – the success of the TOR rotary limit switch solution

There is increasingly widespread use of the TOR rotary limit switch (18 and 36) in the livestock sector. There are multiple applications where movement is successfully controlled by our limit switch system:

  • Flap opening, air inlets, screens
  • Lifting of awnings and windbreaks
  • Lifting of nest platforms
  • Lifting of feeding and drinking troughs
  • Lifting of flat chain lines
  • Quick-opening doors for barns

Alongside these most well-known uses of the rotary limit switch, there are numerous poultry sector companies who are developing movement control systems using Transtecno products. These are brand-new solutions protected by industrial secrecy. But it’s no secret that the trend in the market is to make internal livestock movements more and more simple, precise and quick with the ultimate aim of improving productivity and animal wellbeing. Transtecno has sensed this change for some time and is providing all its technical support in researching new movement controls.

What are the winning features of the Transtecno solution? Three stand out:

  • The limit switch’s quick-coupling flange
  • Modularity, which allows for the newest and most creative combinations to be developed
  • Considering the limit switch as an essential part of the gearmotor and no longer a simple accessory: our in-depth knowledge of the limit switch product means that we can now develop technical solutions that optimise limit switch precision.