Poultry&PigTecno is TRANSTECNO's gearmotor product line dedicated to farming industry (automatic feeding systems, opening/closing of windows, movement of feeding troughs, etc)


Different gearmotors are used to move various systems and equipment. By collaborating with some of the leaders in this sector we have developed our own product line, Poultrytecno.

The Poultrytecno range offers unique advantages that distinguish Transtecno gearmotors from others in this sector: a wide range of products available in stock, flexibility, quick delivery times  for orders supplied from both our stock in Italy and our company in China.

This product line began with  PX-PU gearboxes which are used in feeding systems within the poultry sector. We have since widened the range of gearmotors that we can offer for applications in this field. Today, many of our gearmotors can be found in poultry farming  applications, providing solutions for the entire sector.

Feed is transported in two main ways, either by screw or chain feeder systems.  Both wormgearboxes and helical gearboxes can be used in these applications , transporting feed in small and large quantities when necessary.

For hygiene and maintenance purposes the feeding  troughs must be lifted.  Gearmotors from our Poultry&PigTecno line can provide a solution for this movement.

Another application would be the  opening and closing of windows in the farm which are usually difficult to reach. Here a combination wormgearbox can be used also with a pre stage unit in order to open the windows automatically.

These are only some of the applications used in poultry  farming. Further solutions can be developed specifically depending on our customers requirements.